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Jay Del Moore

Shenyang, China

Jay’s Chinese studies have shown him that the American dialect of Mandarin is a beautiful language. Originally from South Jerz, he hopes to test the limits of this theory in the classroom, teaching his students true New Joisey English. His has never spoken Chinese to a non English speaker and is terrified of the look on the face of his first conversation victim. Jay graduated from Bucknell University in 2005 and worked as a public accountant prior to leaving for Shenyang. He is excited for long walks on the beach (oh wait, Shenyang is landlocked?) and the prospect of his fellow teacher/girlfriend Nora’s Chinese vocabulary moving beyond numbers 1-9.

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Bayley Dixon

Hanoi, Vietnam

Bayley Dixon is from Atherton, CA, where she attended Menlo School before Princeton. She nixed her plan of being a research scientist two weeks into Chemistry 201, but found happiness as one of six History of Science majors (“Darwin Is Our Homeboy”). Bayley is SO EXCITED to work for IUCN in Hanoi next year, though she will miss her volleyball team and seeing eye-to-eye with people. She is a fan of hiking, making your day, and talking with her hands. Skype you soon!

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Casey Dlott

Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Casey is excited to explore Indonesia, but is worried that she might confuse the locals if she orders coffee on the island of Java. A double major in surfing and military coups at Bowdoin College, Indonesia is certainly her first choice as a destination next year. When she isn’t cutting up the waves, you can find Casey competing in peanut butter cup ice cream eating competitions; wearing mad bling as a throwback to her Dayton roots (they say all legendary surfers come from landlocked states); and taking really bad passport photos. Casey relishes the opportunity to experience life and culture in yet another South Asian country and to accomplish her lifelong dream to swim with Komodo dragons.

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Melissa Duguette

Kurashiki, Japan

Hailing from the great land of snow and hockey in Buffalo, NY Melissa has been a real life “Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?” since graduating from SUNY Buffalo. She’s lived in the back of a church where the homeless were her best friends. She’s lived in Saigon where her daily intake of mangos and rambutan brought her backhanded compliments such as “Melissa, you’re not as fat as you used to be!” She’s lived in Japan with blue eyes, blonde hair, hips and curves to boot! Now she’s back in the land of the rising sun hoping to perfect her “head tilt air sucking through teeth”, the national gesture for NO.

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Dan Eagles

Jishou, China

Dan is excited about going to Jishou especially since he heard that it was the same latitude as his home state of Mississippi.

Nate Edgerton

Fellow of the Fortnight

Can Tho, Vietnam

Nathan Edgerton studied at Princeton University where he majored in Political Theory, but he emphasizes to adults that he also studied economics so he doesn’t have to explain how he will get a job. He has a knack for sleeping on the floor, which should come in handy for traveling all over Asia. In addition to teaching English to Vietnamese college students, he hopes to introduce them to basketball and hair rock. He wants to learn to cook tofu Vietnamese style and hike all their mountains. He is also crossing his fingers to ward off stomach viruses.

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David Faherty

Penang, Malaysia

Dave Faherty went to Dartmouth and majored in History. As a junior, Dave studied abroad in Rome and picked up an obsession with Italian football that he hopes will not follow him to Malaysia. Instead, Dave hopes to pursue more authentically Asian activities like yoga and, uh, squash. Ever since coming to college, Dave has taken a liking to spicy food (even when it makes his eyes water), and he is excited to expand his culinary horizons in Asia. Originally from Maine, Dave is ready to leave his rural New England comfort zone and the fear of unannounced visits from mom, but promises he won’t forget her birthday this year.

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Janis Foo

Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R., China

Befitting a Brown student and a San Francisco native, Jan likes to talk about social constructions and the community. After being a minority peer counselor, participating in an extracurricular course on female sexuality, and writing a senior thesis on anorexia, Jan hopes to find colleagues who are willing to indulge her touchy-feely tendencies by engaging her in conversations about feelings and positive body images. Jan (whose full name is Janis) enjoys making up wild lies about how she was named after the late Janis Joplin and loves the color red. Jan’s friends describe her as a very sane and completely normal. All of these experiences and attributes will surely serve her well at the legal office.

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Morgan Galland

Vientiane, Laos

After a year in Lao, Morgan now knows how to use chopsticks the correct way, how not to offend a village chief, the difference between tone 2 and tone 3, how to drink whisky Lao style, and what herbs to take to ensure that she will have male children in the future. All of this information has convinced her to stay on for a second year working at the World Conservation Union in Vientiane. She hopes that she will spend more time in the rural areas practicing her Lao with farmers while assisting with non-timber forest product collection and would like to learn how to till a rice paddy using a water buffalo.

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Mayling Genuza

Chiang Rai, Thailand

Mayling hails from the northernmost city of Latin America, Miami, and is ready to swap hurricanes and black beans for monsoons and spicy crickets. She took the circuitous route to her senior year at Princeton and (finally!) graduated with a degree in Cultural Anthropology after taking time off to travel the world. Mayling loves working with young people and is excited by the prospect of translating cheesy pop lyrics (“Class, a ‘scrub’ is a…”) and practicing her stand-up routine. She also plans to get over her fear of two-wheeled vehicles and “anthropologize” her way from the northern hill tribes to the screen-saver beaches of the south, on motorbike all the way.

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