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Brittney Woodrum

Bangkok, Thailand

University of Kentucky ‘15
Major in Arts Administration and Hispanic Studies
Hometown: Winchester, KY

Brittney, a Kentucky native and musical fanatic, is super crazy excited to JUMP! into her second year with PiA. After a year of kicking it with the nuns, she’s snatching that $3 AirAsia ticket (plus tax) from RGN to BKK (but more likely DMK). Things she’s most excited about for the next year: learning Thai, working for the coolest nonprofit in Southeast Asia, and taking on the big mango itself with all her PiA besties. Brittney loves to host, so if you’re swinging through Bangkok, hit ‘er up!

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Eliza Wright

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Princeton University '19
Major in English, Certificate in Environmental Studies
Hometown: Princeton, NJ

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Jessica Wright

Jishou, China

Princeton University ‘19
Major in Woody Woo, certificate in East Asian Studies
Hometown: Charleston, SC

“Jess has the greatest hair.” - Audrey and everyone else

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Nick Wu

Tokyo, Japan

Princeton University ‘20
Major in Woody Woo
Hometown: Richporo, PA

Rarer than a Wu-lly mammoth in suburban Jersey, hotter than a Wu-ll sweater in that summertime Tokyo heat. Ask him about food.

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Walter Wuthmann

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Bowdoin College '16
Major in English and Environmental Studies
Hometown: San Carlos, CA

He is curious, easy-going, and thoughtful, with a desire to explore new places and people through travel and writing. In college, he studied abroad in rural northeast Thailand, and developed a basic level of conversational Thai while living in homestays there. He is also conversational in Spanish, and has used the language in his reporting after college. While at Bowdoin, he led groups of students every month on outdoor trips in Maine, and was a certified canoe and whitewater raft guide, as well as a Wilderness First Responder. After graduating, he has written for multiple newspapers in New England, covering local politics and community issues in Maine and the greater Boston area.

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Krista Young

Yangon, Myanmar

NYU Shanghai '13
Major in Business & Finance
Hometown: Millburn, NJ

Krista enjoys playing rock, paper, scissors with kids, but has realized her version of the game is outdated. She lives in Shanghai and enjoys eating jianbing, a traditional breakfast food, at any time of the day. After three years in China, Krista will now be moving to Yangon to work at a local social enterprise that uses design thinking to create products for rural communities.

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Greg Zegas

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Boston University '15
Major in Econ and Environmental Analysis and Policy
Hometown: Charlestown, MA

Greg’s proudest moment was once being voted most likely to win the survival TV show “Naked and Afraid.” But he plans to be neither naked nor afraid in Mongolia’s frigid climate, mostly because PiA told him not to get medivacced. If he can manage that, he’ll be able to pursue his dream of supporting clean energy development in Mongolia. Stay tuned.

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Ariana Zetlin

Taichung, Taiwan

University of Virginia '17
Major in History
Hometown: Roslyn Heights, NY

Like her big (or, as some would say, 'Grande') sister, Ariana is a dangerous woman. Better watch out, or she'll have one less problem without ya.

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Annina Zheng-Hardy

Beijing, China
University of Rochester ‘16
Major: Political Science and Sustainability
Hometown: Buffalo, NY

Back for round 2. I love food, friends and fun so a year in the world’s most populous country teaching English and traveling in between street food binges is gonna be rad.

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Belinda Zhou

Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R., China

Brown University '17
Major in History
Hometown: Queens, NY

Belinda enjoys experimenting in her cooking by tossing in a random assortment of sauces. She aspires to learn more languages and become an amateur wine drinker. She's very excited to be moving to Hong Kong to test her Cantonese skills and work with university students on their English.

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