Farook Ahmed

Fellow photo
Fellowship Year: 
Kwangju Foreign School
South Korea

Farook Ahmed is now entering his second year at Kwangju Foreign School in Kwangju, South Korea. In addition to teaching some of the most adorable looking kids he's ever seen, Farook spends his free time studying Korean language and learning Hapkido. Though horrifically graceless in his movements, Farook has managed to earn his purple belt and is on track to receive his 1st degree black belt sometime this winter. Farook loves Korea, possibly to an unhealthy extent: when at "home" in New York, Farook felt homesick for Korea and faced debilitating kimchi withdrawal symptoms. Farook tries to take full advantage of the incredible Korean countryside whenever he can. Farook is constantly floored by the precocity of his students as well as the friendliness and generosity of the people living in his host country.

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