Elona Toska

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Fellowship Year: 

PiA second year, Elona Toska, has lived most of her "adult" life trying her hand at legal immigration.  After two years in rainy Wales, she got deported to high pollen New Jersey despite having learned how to say schedule (shed-yule) and vitamins (vee-tuh-meens).  Having missed the most "exciting" years of communism in Albania (her theoretical home), she was looking for a country that would complement her practical expertise on making communism collapse with first-hand knowledge on how to start a revolution. Since arriving to Laos, she has become an avid reader of the Vientiane Times, an expert at watching sunsets over the Mekong drinking Beer Lao, and spends some of her free time arguing the finer points of "benevolent dictatorship" theory.  A year working with PSI in Laos succeded in defying many of her expectations: when she is not writing reports to donors, she can be found making inappropriate jokes in her inadequate Lao with peer educators who have allowed her to join them in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

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